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Scratch Remover120M

Item No.X-047

Name: Scratch Remover.

Volume: 120ml 


【Series】:Wax Clean & Care

   Direction ,

l  local scratch management:  repeatedly wipe the right amount of the product at the scratch position by soft  microfiber or sponge  , until the scratch disappears;

l  Then polish with a soft towel.This product pours on the soft towel or the sponge, evenly, thin layer ground besmear in the automobile paint surface layer (according to cubic meter square size unit, does not paint the automobile completely).

l  Rub the solution with a soft towel until the primary color of the paint is visible.clean the car and wash the residual wax with a towel by following procedure.

l  For better gloss and protection, special protective wax is recommended.

l  Quick-remove the minor scratch on the surface car paint, effectively solve the problems of car paint whitening, graying, and color fading, etc;


l  Restoration, glazing, protection, three functions in one formula.  while, quick restore the minor scratch on the surface car paint, it improves the car paint’s gloss and protection degree;



l  An ideal choice for a car that seldom gets wax polished or under the circumstance of environment pollution which will corrodes the car paints;


l  Suitable for many kinds of car paint including modern metallic paint;

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